Kat O'Brien
ceramic sculpture, tiles, installation art, public art, wood sculpture, sculpture parks

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(posted on 21 Oct 2009)

Six artists have been chosen to be featured in the Holgraphic Book Project: Kat O'Brien, Paula Dawson, Mary Harman, Setsuko Ishii, Sally Webber, and Wendy Whaley. This project is the first book of its kind and will be a significant contribution to the history of holographic production (Publication: February 2010).

The Project is hosted by The Photon League in collaboration with the Ontario College of Art & Design. The Photon League is a team of artists and individuals who specialize in 3D visualization, holography, and engineering. They devote their time and practice to the evolution, education and exploitation of holography. The Photon League hosts one of the world’s best-equipped labs for the production of fine art holography.

The project is funded primarily by the International Holography Fund and the Photon League and is supported through the Office of the Vice President, Research and Graduate Studies at the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) in Toronto. The International Holography Fund was set up to support creative holography world-wide. During its two years of operation it provided grants to over 15 group and institutional projects. Our Holographic Book Project was one of the final proposals to receive funding from the IHF and is the first AOOR (artist-out-of-residence) event to gain this type of support. The project is being produced by Michael Page, who has more than 30 years experience teaching, researching and special projects in holography. OCAD is Canada’s oldest and largest Universities for the education of artists and designers.