Kat O'Brien
ceramic sculpture, tiles, installation art, public art, wood sculpture, sculpture parks

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HEYY!!!! Jan shared some corespondence, and so I looked you up! Wonderful to see your website, your work and that funny google portrait ;) All the best!
LaDonna Smith - 18 Nov 2023
You are an inspiration to me! I don't know how it took me this long to learn about your work, because I feel like there are many connections I feel to it in terms of formal aesthetics, exploration of materials and so many interpretations. Thank you for putting your work into the world!
Sarah Shokrai - 9 Apr 2023
It has been a delightful visit of this website, from work of art to work of art, from materials to images, from geometric figures to free curves, from images to the thinking and the feelings into which I have felt myself being launched, from names of homaged artists unknown to me to a little research and even more discoveries. Thank you for this amazing trip! Inusité, by all means.
Catherine Courchesnd - 16 Aug 2020
As always, your thoughts and work are thought provoking. Thanks!
Ruth - 11 Jul 2018
I love your site and hope you are inspired by your visit south.
Susan O'Brien Carnley - 12 Mar 2016
Kat-- this is Michael from GES, Windhorse, Drala. These works are amazing! I know that isn't much of a critique, but I hope to come back to these images and look a little closer some time. It was very nice to meet you this week. Take good care, and stay in touch! -Michael
Michael S. - 25 Sep 2014
I like the way you talk about the story of the shadow; and the way your work talk for themselves.
Dihua - 2 Feb 2014
Hi Kat!
Bruce Gordon - 5 Jan 2014
I enjoyed looking at your website
joyce yahouda - 18 Sep 2013
Hi Kat, every time I saw your work I felt myself plenty of emotions. Thank you! Silvia Bellusci (La Meridiana)
Silvia Bellusci - 12 Jun 2012
I really enjoyed visiting your website. You have an interesting statement. Bravo!
Michelle Riendeau - 20 Dec 2011
Your work is impressive. I´m happy looking forward to meet you soon. Silvia Bellusci
Silvia Bellusci - 26 Sep 2011
About ceramic piece "Beeches, Magnolias and Walking Sticks" : First seen unfinished in Connecticut Spring 2011. Beautiful finish! With colour, it looks as though it was floating when taken out of a pond; I would expect it to be cool to the touch and to have a faintly sweet woody scent... Looking forward to
Zaz - 28 Jul 2011
Kat: I am always inspired when I visit your site. I like the Chinese story. Terrance
Terrance Lazaroff - 16 May 2011
Pleasure to meet and chat with you and Susan today. Best of luck with the firing and your upcoming and engaging exhibit. Ken Steinkamp
Ken Steinkamp - 27 Apr 2011
Hi Kat, It was good to hear from you. I really enjoyed looking over your website. I would like to come visit you at your studio in the near future. I will be on residency from July 10-August 22 but maybe a fall road trip would be nice? My partner Yvonne Buchanan is a 2010 MARK artist and she would probably like to join me if that's OK. Would love to talk about art! Dorene
dorene quinn - 19 Jun 2010
Hi Kat, It was WONDERFUL to hear from you. I like your web presentation. It looks very chic. You got some new work done! Bravo! My show will end on June 12. Please come see it whenever you can. By the way, how's your studio renovation coming? Are those paint strips still hanging on the ceiling? Please let me know, if you come to Potsdam. Sharon
Sharon H.J. Cheng - 6 May 2010
Kat, glad to take a peak at what it is that you create...many thanks.
Myokyo - 29 Mar 2010
Are these little cabinet type thingies and assemblages brand new?They are great. the crossed fingers are scary... scary good! david david
david powell - 13 Mar 2010
wonderous boundries you have!
faye holliday - 24 Jan 2010
Just returned from a visit to Devil's Glen in Wicklow. Torrential rain all day long, eerie atmosphere in the woods, almost perfect weather to view your sculptures.
Janet Muller - 1 Nov 2009
You don't have to expose yourself to show your work. :0) Just expose your work. I enjoyed your site. Your work has insite and depth. I will add you as a visiting artist to my website. Terrance
Terrance Lazaroff - 7 Jul 2009
wonderful to makecontect with you again. Mary harman gove me news of you.
ana maria nicholson - 26 May 2009
Impressive as always!
Karen Mullan - 21 May 2009
WOW! I`m impressed and inspired. Keep exposing yourself!
Joanne Kielo - 14 May 2009
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